Book Reviews – Beyond Pain and Suffering: Adapting to Adversity and Life Challenges

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I highly recommend Tom Seaman’s books to anyone. We all face challenges in our lives and Tom gives quite a bit of insights on how to make things a heck of a lot better. I’ve read other self help books and I have found them to be quite dry and lecture-y, that is not Tom’s style. He writes in a manner that is easy to read, interesting and leaving the reader wanting more. His books are full of valuable tips and information. I give his books a thumbs up and looking forward to reading any future books he might write.

I just began reading this book and I can’t put it down. Not only is the author’s story very inspirational, the strategies and tools he provides are endless. I can apply so many of his tips to different parts of my life.!

Highly recommend this book for anyone going through any type of struggle whether physical, emotional, etc. It is the most relatable book I have read and I’ve read plenty. The author does an excellent job of making the reader feel understood, less alone and hopeful that things can and will improve. His compassion permeates throughout and it’s amazing the obstacles he himself has overcome and now he is helping others- some who are at rock bottom. Also think it’s a great book for loved ones and caretakers to read as well to get a better understanding of what some go through and how they could be of support. Tom’s first book was great too, also recommend that one. This one was outstanding!

I’ve read both Tom’s books and they have been very helpful in my life. This book is like a toolbox for people that suffer with pain, anxiety and depression or progressive conditions like cancer or neurological disease. He’s a normal guy that’s been through a lot and learned a vast amount of coping skills to improve his life. Don’t expect highly technical verbiage, it’s an easy read…more like listening to a friend.

I love your new book Tom! It is so relatable and just an excellent read with great information and inspiration. I think even caretakers, family, friends, colleagues of anyone going through something should read it to better understand the battles and have some light shed on the struggles and how to help. Excellent job, congrats once again!

I have read both your books. Absolutely think they are a must read for anyone with medical issues or high stress. Easy to read, very informative and so many worthwhile tips. Can’t wait for your third book (hint-hint). I read through your second book in days, I’ll have to reread at a slower pace to get more out of it. THANKS for sharing your experiences and wisdom.

I just received mine in the mail from Amazon, and its hard to put down. Thank you for touching base on our mindset, I believe it’s so important!

I have Tom’s first book, which I love and this new book does not disappoint! There are so many new tips and tools and perspectives about dealing with various challenges in life. I not only have a chronic physical health condition, but I also experience challenges with work, relationships, anxiety, occasional depression, and just the daily struggle of every day life and this book is helping with all of those things. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as me!

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