PEMF Therapy for Pain & Healing – Update on my experience with OSKA Pulse

December 14, 2018

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links and I will receive commission if you decide to purchase from Oska, Inc. using this link. I was provided with a free product in return for my review.

A year ago, I began using a device for pain called OSKA Pulse. OSKA Pulse is a small, portable PEMF device (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) designed to break the cycle of inflammation, reduce pain and muscle stiffness, increase mobility, promote joint and muscle recovery, and release the body’s natural endorphins. See below for more information on the technology.

As I wrote in my product review a year ago (you can read my review by clicking here), it helps a lot with my pain associated with dystonia, a neurological movement disorder I have, and it totally eliminated severe elbow tendonitis I developed. I have recently been using it for some other health issues and wanted to share my results. The most significant one is vertigo. It never dawned on me that OSKA might help with vertigo, but I thought I would give it a shot. It has helped so much that I am once again convinced of the power of this therapy that I felt compelled to share.

I should clarify my “vertigo” because a lot of us suffer with different forms of imbalance/dizziness and it is hard to find the right name for it. For me, it is more of an unbalanced, woozy feeling where I need to hold onto things to keep from falling, rather than the standard spinning one gets with true vertigo. I have been dealing with this on and off for about 4 years and I had a recent severe flareup over a month ago that was not getting better no matter what I did.

In addition to feeling like I can’t stand, I have tinnitus, it feels like my inner ear is fluttering as if there is a butterfly inside my head, and I have extreme sensitivity to sound, light, and movement. These symptoms have been such that I can’t do anything but lay flat on my back for relief. While I know I need vestibular (balance) therapy in general, these symptoms are way above and beyond my “normal” off balance feelings. I should also mention that I do not have Meniere’s disease, an inner ear infection, BPPV, or any ear, nose, throat issue. I have been tested for it all, and then some.

At times over the past month after the initial onset (it started after a coughing episode when food went down the wrong pipe), I would feel some improvement, but then I would cough, sneeze, or move my head in a certain way (just bending down to pick something up or getting up from sitting or lying down) and the vertigo would kick in. It was beyond frustrating! It finally hit me… try the OSKA Pulse dummy! So, I attached it to my arm, put it on my shoulder, or placed it next to my head/ear whenever I was laying down.

In less than a week of using it, I have not had one single bout of vertigo or severe imbalance!! I do not know if this is from using the OSKA Pulse, but there is nothing else that I have done differently other than using OSKA for the better part of the day. Considering the amazing job it did eliminating my elbow pain from tendinitis and reducing my pain associated with dystonia, I am pretty convinced that this had something, if not a lot, to do with it. This is why I am encouraging others to try it for anything and everything they may be experiencing. The technology I talk about below will better help explain.

What is PEMF therapy?
Science teaches us that everything is energy and all atoms, chemicals, and cells produce electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Every organ in the body produces its own signature bio-electromagnetic field and all cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange. In other words, electromagnetic energy controls the chemistry in the body. This in turn controls tissue function. Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism. PEMF devices are designed to address impaired body chemistry and thus, the health and function of cells. (Source:

PEMF therapy uses bursts of energy pulses at low frequencies that pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons, and even organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage its natural repair mechanisms. PEMF therapy is proving to be of benefit in pain reduction, incresased rate of injury healing, immune function, sleep, depression, arthritis, physical energy, bone healing and density, and circulation, among others.

Designed to promote healing at a cellular level, the OSKA Pulse PEMF device is calibrated for 4 specific frequencies related to bone repair, cartilage repair, increased blood flow, and pain reduction. It is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy, providing an alternative or adjunct to pain medication. OSKA is one of the only pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices available for home use without a prescription.

PEMF machines versus TENS units
PEMF machines are different than a TENS unit. A TENS unit floods nerve paths to block pain, but when it is turned off, the pain often returns. PEMF technology is different in that it is designed to target inflammation at the cellular level for healing and long-term pain relief. The company refers to it as “massaging the cells” by increasing nutrients in and increasing waste out. Also different from a TENS unit, you won’t feel any pulsing or tingling with the Oska Pulse. It is intended for you to feel nothing, although some people notice a slight warming of the afflicted area due to increased blood flow. I never feel anything when I use it.

As shown in the picture above, I usually wear OSKA around my arm to target my elbow tendonitis, painful right shoulder (injured from years of baseball and racket sports), dystonia pain on my right side, nerve damage in my right ear, tinnitus, and vertigo. The cool thing about OSKA is that I can treat all of these areas at the same time. It has a 20-inch treatment diameter with an 8-10 inch magnetic field in all directions; about the size of a beach ball.

This is the very convenient feature of Oska Pulse. It does not need to be touching your skin (or touching you at all) or go exactly on the area that’s hurting. For example, you can sit or lie down and have it near your areas of pain. This is because of the 20-inch diameter treatment field. You can also put it in your pocket or use the strap that comes with it to attach it to various body parts and move about doing normal daily activities.

How to use the Oska Pulse?
Oska Pulse is simple to use. You just click the power button and it runs for 30 minutes. It will beep once when you turn it on and flash a light blue color. When it goes off, it will beep 3 times and the light will turn off. You can take a break from using it or keep turning it on after it completes a cycle. This is what I do.

Some people get immediate relief, and for some, particularly those with chronic pain, you may need to be a bit more patient. I didn’t really notice significant change with my pain until after a few weeks of daily use (at least 4-6 hours a day). For the vertigo, I only used it about 4 days before I saw almost full improvement. I am continuing to use it just in case.

Some people may not respond well to this form or therapy, no different than any other therapy. We are all very unique so please keep this in mind if you try it. I can’t say that you will experience the same, as we all respond to things differently. The great thing about it is that they offer a full 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Speaking of money, it is not on the cheap end compared with other personal use items for pain. Oska Pulse retails for $399, but if you contact me, I can give you a code that I set up with the company where they will take $55 off that price. I am not going to say it is inexpensive, but I will say it is an amazing deal when you consider how much we pay for all the things we do for pain management, all the doctors we see, and all the medications we may take. The way I look at cost when it comes to pain that interferes with my life, if it helps and I can be more functional, it is worth it. Especially if it reduces or eliminates the need/cost of other treatments/therapies, which this device has done for me. Plus, there is no risk to try it thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee, payment plans, and 1 or 2 year warranties.

This device has saved me plenty of time and money that would be spent doctor shopping, which I hate doing, taking more meds, or investing in all sorts of therapies. I have spent so much money on things over the years that didn’t help or only helped a little, so something like this which helps quite a bit makes the price quite reasonable to me. You can’t really put a price on pain relief and to try it for free, why not. It is not covered by insurance, but can be purchased using the FSA and HSA stores.

Who should not use Oska Pulse?
It is recommended that people with a pacemaker or defibrillator, DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) pulse generator, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, etc., as well as those who are pregnant or nursing, and those being treated for cancer, should consult their physician before using Oska Pulse. Please also consult the company (Oska Wellness) for any other contraindications. This other website is also a good resource for information about PEMF technology contraindications. To learn more about the use of PEMF technology, the Oska Wellness website provides links in their FAQ section to dozens of clinical studies on the efficacy of this technology. Please also visit their Facebook page.

(12/8/19) Please click here for an update about my father’s experience using Oska Pulse to help him with an injury.


Tom Seaman is a Certified Professional Life Coach in the area of health and wellness, and the author of 2 books: Diagnosis Dystonia: Navigating the Journey (2015and Beyond Pain and Suffering: Adapting to Adversity and Life Challenges (2021). He is also a motivational speaker, chronic pain and dystonia awareness advocate, health blogger, volunteer for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) as a support group leader, and is a member and writer for Chronic Illness Bloggers NetworkThe MightyPatient Worthy, and The Wellness Universe. To learn more about Tom, get a copy of his books (also on Amazon), or schedule a free life coaching consult, visit Follow him on Twitter @Dystoniabook1 and Instagram.


25 responses to “PEMF Therapy for Pain & Healing – Update on my experience with OSKA Pulse”

  1. CJ says:

    Regarding putting the Oska on my Head Tom, I do have 2 implant rods in the jaw to hold bottom teeth plate.
    Is this to be considered as a no no?
    Can I still try Oska on my head to see if it helps Tinnitus and Vertigo ?

    • Tom Seaman says:

      I don’t know if that would be a problem, but it might be. Implantable metals can sometimes be a problem. Therefore, I would feel much more comfortable if you were to contact the company directly to find out.

  2. CJ says:

    I suffer vertigo and also tinnitus. Can I wear Oska on top of my head

    • Tom Seaman says:

      It can, so long as you don’t have any implanted devices such as DBS surgery or heart pacemaker. I put my Oska next to my head/ear every day and have no problems. If you try it, please let me know if it helps.

  3. Christine says:

    Hey Tom, Fantastic when you find something like this. So happy that it has proven relief for you too. I’ve used mine for two days only so far. Today is my third day. Already, when I get out of bed, I feel 10 years younger. I’m just not thick and heavy like I was. I am light and move easier. As a woman, I pop it in the back of my bra and just leave it there. I don’t use the strap. I’m specifically using for back spasm / neck / shoulder pain.
    The whole idea that it fixed the body cells so they in turn can go and fix the spot that’s in trouble is amazing to me. This gives it the overall rectifying aspect I think. I feel good knowing my body’s frequency is being restored to it’s naturalness instead of out of whack with inflammation etc. It’s just great to feel alive again instead of living under the weight of inflammation, and remember, this is only after two days. I have the three hour one and wore it for 3 sessions each day, so 9 hours a day for two days.

    • Tom Seaman says:

      It is so great to hear that you have been helped so much by it! For it to help so much so soon, I am excited for the relief that awaits you in the upcoming weeks and months.

  4. Vickie Brown says:

    Hi, Tom. I just sent you a note about running, and saw your information on the Oska device. Do you have any other cd patients that have told you about their experience with the Oska?

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Vickie – There have been close to 100 people I know with dystonia who have gotten the Oska. Some did not find relief for their pain, but most of the people I have been in touch with have been happy with it. Some have had it dramatically change their pain and other symptoms, and sometimes a spouse or other family member also finds it useful for different conditions. It is not going to help everyone, but for the 30 day free trial, I think it is worth a shot. I have had great success with it. It is my goto for a lot of things. Beat of luck if you try it and please let me know if you do. Thanks!

  5. an PAT says:

    does it increase blood flow to brain? does it improve CSF to brain?

    • Tom Seaman says:

      That is a good question. I could venture an answer, but I think it would be better to contact the company directly.

  6. Catherine F. says:

    Hi Tom, I was heartened to hear your positive review re: OSKA and vertigo which has recently (and suddenly) caused me a lot of down time. I have the spinning type. Also, I noticed that one commenter mentioned not using it if you have metal in your body. I’ve had 2 total hip replacements and the parts include titanium stems. Does that rule out my being a candidate for the Oska?

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Catherine- Thanks for your message. As far as I know, the titanium would probably make it so you could not use it, but to be certain, please contact the company directly. They would be able ot determine what implants are okay and not okay. If you are able to use it and decide to do so, please let me know if it helps. I was very surprised that it helped me with vertigo, as well as other non-pain symptoms. Thanks!

  7. Reona Burger says:

    Hi Tom
    Thank you your amazing perspective and insight. You really help me as a mother of a dystonia son to understand his life. He has a DBS system – do you know if this can work with it? My doctor does know about this devise and never heard of it. Do you know if this will interfere with the frequencies?
    Thank you

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Reona- I am very happy to hear that you liked the article. I am so sorry about your son. I can’t imagine being a parent watching their child suffer with dystonia. Regarding the Oska device, it is not recommended for people who have DBS, pacemakers, metal hardware from surgery, and things of that nature, so it would not be appropriate for your son unfortunately.

  8. Ralph H. George, Jr. says:

    Hi Tom:
    How do you use the Osak Pulse unit to help cervical dystonia, neck pain and headaches.
    Where do you wear it for CD & neck pain – Around your neck? I look forward to your reply.
    FYI – I have had dystonia for 61 years – cervical dystonia since 1988 ~ 30+ years. (67years old)
    Thanks, Ralph

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Ralph. 61 years of dystonia…wow! That is hard to imagine. The OSKA Pulse can be placed near or on any part of the body. I say “near” becuase it has a 20 inch treatment diameter so it doesn’t need to be on the exact spot for pain. I put it on my arm, shoulder, neck, lower and upper back, and head, depending on what part of the body I want to treat. For your neck and head, you can use the strap to hold it in place on your head, neck, shoulder, upper back, or wherever you find it to be most comfortable and effective. It is a very versatile device.
      I hope that helps. Pleaset let me know. Thank you.

  9. Jodi says:

    This sounds great! I like that there are different ways to wear it or you can just have it near you. Does the strap have to be wrapped quite a few times to wear it around the arm?

    • Tom Seaman says:

      I love mine and am actually using it right now 🙂 The strap needs to be wrapped once to wear it on your arm if you use the short strap. With the longer strap, you need to wrap it a few times. I don’t know if it comes with both straps. It used to, but when I got mine it was only the long strap so I requested the shorter one.

  10. Lori Dell says:

    This sounds like something that has many applications for the too many afflictions I suffer. Cervical Dystonia and Chronic Migraine are the most currently addressed with meditation and for decades I suffered both vertigo and menieres following a traumatic head injury. My current unbearable misery is a torn tendon in my hip that is not healing. I have had prolotherapy as well as PRP with little relief. This is well worth a try. It’s now on my Christmas short list! Thank you Tom.

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hi Lori- It is definitely a device that can be put to use for a lot of things. I have been very impressed with what it has done for me. I honestly had low expectations going into it, but after hearing so many success stories, I felt I needed to try it. I was blown away when the pain in my elbow disappeared and has stayed away… and now the vertigo being much better. I am so happy with it and pleased that it is something that helps me. I hope it helps you too and would love to hear from you if you try it!

  11. Vic Shumate says:

    Very interesting, I may give this a try……soon……I had a bout of the woozy vertigo feeling about a week ago after getting up one morning…..It was weird, as I wasn’t dizzy but very unsteady on my feet and just felt uneasy as if I could get dizzy but didn’t…….It lasted for just over 24 hours……ugh!

    • Tom Seaman says:

      Hey Vic. I’m sorry you had that dizzy/unsteady day. It is such a horrible, helpless feeling. Oska is worth a try to see if it helps with that or something else. They have had some pretty amazing success stories with lots of ailments so anythig is possible. I can’t promise this will help with pain, dizziness or anything else for you like it has for me, but I hope you get some good results from it also. I am super impressed and I have shared it with friends who have also gotten relief for a variety of different things. If you try it, please let me know what you think. Thanks.

  12. harriette says:

    HMMMMM Sounds interesting and promising. Might discuss more with you after the holidays if that’s ok. Thanks for always sharing what you learned. Glad your dizziness is gone.

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