Tom Seaman – Motivational Speaker

After battling life changing health challenges, I am on a mission to share my message of hope and determination. My educational, inspirational, and motivational presentations teach people of all ages and backgrounds how to survive and thrive in face of life challenges. I believe all obstacles are opportunities for learning and growth, and this is what I will share with your group to help them live with greater passion and joy. Click here to read my story of perseverance and dedication.

If you want to be educated and motivated by an ongoing story of triumph that gives hope new meaning, hire me to speak to your club, organization, school, doctors, medical students, patients, support groups, and corporations. Contact me today for more details.

Don’t ever doubt the strength you have within. If you never give up on yourself
accept the gracious help from others, you will always come out on top!

Speaking Events

Dystonia Calgary Symposium
Program Features:

Tom Seaman- Living Well with Dystonia
Dr. Davide Martino, Dr. Oksana Suchowersky, and Dr. Zelma Kiss- Movement Disorder Specialists, University of Calgary
Meditation, adjunctive therapy, pain management sessions, and much more!
 September 15-16, 2018
City: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Time: September 15: 9-4:30; September 16: 9-1
Location: Best Western Village Park Inn, 1804 Crowchild Trial NW – Calgary, AB Canada; 403-289-0241
If you would like to stay at the hotel, to check details on hotel room rates, or make a reservation please click here. Please note that you do not have to stay at the hotel to be registered at the conference. Complimentary parking and refreshments.
Registration: Free; Click here or call DMRF Canada at 1-800-361-8061. Click here to view full registration information on the DMRF Canada website.